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Welcome to The Knights of Valor website. A place where guildies and friends alike can hangout and talk as well as check up on some of the events that are going on in the guild and sign up for them, if your having any problems don't hesitate to ask me or one of my knights for help. Enjoy

Guild News

Guild LvL 2 Is Here!

DrakonHart, Sep 13, 11 8:59 AM.
Great Job Everyone! The guild has finally made it to lvl 2. Thanks to all your hard work, now we have a new rank, the (knight) rank which will be granted to those who do the most for the guild and upon lvl 3 a new rank will be givin. Now we must work even harder to reach lvl 3 and get ourselves a guild town. Keep Up The Good Work!

Got Events?

DrakonHart, Sep 9, 11 6:05 AM.
We now have events set up in the Events Calender of the site, this is where you will go to sign up for any and all guild events that we do so try your best to get familiar with it. There will be instructions for those who are confused in the Information section on the home page. Thanks and good luck on your journey!

Site's Up!

DrakonHart, Sep 5, 11 12:41 AM.
The guild site is for the most part done but I will be continuing to add more features and changes to keep you better informed on whats going on in the guild. If you have any questions or a suggestions for the site, visit the Suggestions Box section of the forum and let me know your ideas. Thanks for your patients and dedication.

                                                                                                          Thanks: DrakonHart
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